Baking Paper

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Get your baking paper supplies at the best possible prices from Pirate Packaging.


Greaseproof paper, wax paper and cake tin liners are catering staples that you can save big sums on by buying direct from us.


We buy baking paper and parchment from the best manufacturers, and stock them in large enough quantities so that you can be sure we’ll always be able to meet your needs.


Whether you’re baking in bulk for a one-off occasion, or making big batches of your goods for sale, using our quality baking parchment will help your finished goods turn out just right, every time!


Check our latest prices and products first, and whether you’re catering for a one-off event or need to stay stocked up on baking paper, get in touch if you’d like to discuss one-of or regular delivery options – whichever suits your business!

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