Pudding Bowls and Lids

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Do your customers flock to you for your puddings? If you’ve got a range of desserts that sell like hot cakes, you’re sure to get through a mountain of pudding bowls and lids.


So to be sure that you’re never stuck for supplies for cooking and storing your sweet treats, have your stocks regularly delivered by us at Pirate Packaging.


Aluminium or plastic, whichever type of pudding bowl you use, we can supply you, and of course, we top it off with a range of compatible lids, so you can chill, freeze and store your desserts, and always know that they’ll come out perfectly, whenever it’s dessert time!


Whether you need just a single sleeve of bowls and lids from time to time, or you have a chain of outlets and need to keep the supplies coming with regular deliveries, talk to us and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

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